Detroit’s Rising Tech Scene

Detroit InternetFor years, Detroit’s IT presence was driven by the auto industry. Within the last five years, though, the tech scene has moved well beyond the Big Three due in large part to an explosive growth in mobile and cloud technologies. When I came to the city six years ago, Detroit’s tech scene was insignificant compared to what it has become now. Today downtown is thriving with young, passionate developers who want to be a part of the revitalization of Detroit through IT. Over the last few years thousands of new tech jobs have been created or have moved into the city.

Whether it’s creating a better user experience or revolutionizing the media industry, these Detroiters are busy building a community of technology-based startups that is helping solve the city’s larger economic problems, bringing economic diversity to the city and turning Detroit into a tech hub.

Over the past two years, this revolution has been driven by the start of Compuware Ventures, Detroit Venture Partners, and Detroit Labs. Other companies such as Galaxe Solutions, Quicken Loans, and Atomic Object have recently moved downtown further energizing the city’s tech community.

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Benefits of Social Media for the Individual

As the social media has lots of benefits for people to set up an organization and help them throughout with all the major things they have to go through. In the same fashion, it helps all the individuals who want to be well-known for their jobs and expertise online. Following are some of the main benefits of social media for the individuals.

Build A Personal Reputation:

With the social media websites, people get connected all over the world regarding different reasons. An individual can talk about the things he is good at and matter to him. This will help in making him a better name in the community of people. In this way, he will be able to build his online reputation which helps in working online and finding jobs.

Display Your Resume:

There are many websites functioning that allow you to create your resume and display it for the recruiters and employers. Social media websites can be used to display your resume and let you find and avail the opportunities.

Find A Job:

Social media plays a great role to find a job online as jobs are updated every minute and allows you to apply for them. These jobs are presented with the information and links so that you can view the terms. If you find any job suitable for you, apply for it.

Showcase Your Talent And Establish Yourself As An Expert:

Social media websites are a great source of expressing your thoughts about your field of interest. You can share your thoughts with the people and show off your knowledge. This might be a work-related task or a hobby. Join communities of your field of interest. You will get to know more information on the topic as people; also if you are good enough, your popularity will increase, resulting in your publicity in the group of people.

Enhance Your Business Contacts:

If you are expert in a certain field, social media websites give you the opportunity to work with the people and helps you build the number of business contacts. As a result, you are recognized as an expert in the field. This makes way for other jobs to come your way and you can build your repute as a professional in a certain field.

Enhance Personal Relationships:

Social media websites allow you to connect with people all over the world. This may include your college, school or university classmates, family and other friends or relatives all over the world. Enhancing the personal relationships help in getting to know about the latest news and updates.

Share Information with Like-Minded People:

As you develop repute in your field of work, try to grasp the attention of the professionals and big fish. Connect with them, and ask them questions that you have in your mind. In this way, you’ll get professional ideas to counter a problem you are facing or may be give you latest information or the insights.

Benefits for Businesses of Social Media

Establish a Brand and Raise Awareness:

In this period of time, majority of the people use social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. The best way to let people know about your brand is to post advertisement to these websites. The impression can be made and a large number of people can get attracted to the brand online. All this can be done by getting the name of your brand to the social media websites.

While posting an advertisement on YouTube, make an entertaining presentation or a funny way to present and inform people about the brand. This helps in engaging the people and will help to make its way easily across the internet. The video should be able to engage the audience and hence will have more people view it.

While posting an advertisement on social media like Facebook and Twitter, you should make a community, with interesting information and discussions. More people will visit the page which will result in the increasing popularity of the brand. Ultimately, the more people visit the website, the more chance you get to sell your brand items online.

Keep an Eye on the Competition:  

Social Media can be of great help when you are in the competition. It allows you to keep an eye of your competitor’s latest products and their ideas. You can get to know their latest promotion and what they have up their sleeve. Using the marketing strategy, you can provide better deals than the competitors. In this way, you’ll be able to attract more people towards the brand, make more online sales and get on the road with the leading brands or most suitably, your competitors.

Pitch Products In a More Interactive Way:

Getting a feedback from the customers or people gives you the ability to get informed about what people think about your brand. All the people using the social media websites prefer to spend some personal time and will never appreciate if they get to see a lot of ads all the time. Try to discuss your business in an engaging way, like asking people’s opinion about the brand. This helps in making a good repute of your brand in front of people. This is a valuable connection that increases the number of customers.

Bring Attention to Your Products:

The use of social media for the advertisement of the products is the fastest way to get more people’s attention towards it. The best way is to give a promotion with the products, for the online buyers. This will help to increase your online sales rapidly.

Increasing Customer Loyalty and Trust:

The art of communication can make a great impression on the people. Friendly conversation with the people will let them communicate with ease and express their opinions. This makes people give you better opinions and they start developing trust for the website. In this way, people will refer others to view your products.

Listening To the Customer’s Opinion:

Apart from every opinion you get about the product, the customers’ opinions should be of the highest priority. You can see their thoughts about the products on the social media websites. You should take the criticism by the people in a positive manner and rectify the customers’ complaints. This will make you concentrate on making the products better to meet the needs of the people.

Conduct Market Research:

The use of social media websites allows us to view the true opinion of the people about the products. People feel free expressing their views on such websites. This makes you concerned about what people like and what people dislike. With all this information, you come up with new ideas, improvising the ideas with what people like. Improve the service or the product according to people’s requirements. This will result in a better competition to the other brands, as more people will be attracted to the new and improved brand products and services. In the meantime, use your community and post interesting information about the upcoming products, post links, getting people engaged is the best way to get their total attention.

Strengthen Customer Service:

Social media websites have made a remarkable difference in providing a better customer service. It makes us free from the problem of making long distance phone calls to the customers. This saves money and prior to that, you get to deal your customer timely using social media websites. Customers can ask their questions and get the answers promptly, which improves their satisfaction.

5 Benefits of Social Media

Most of the people are concerned about “How the social media helping us? What is the main functionality?” This is a question many of the social media handlers are unable to answer properly, because they always keep on justifying the contribution of social media. Effectiveness of social media is not limited to only sales-like numbers. Other than sales, social media contributes in many other ways. Businesses in modern days are inclined to these websites, as these are the best way to help them establish and grow.

Following are some of the advantages of social media other than sales.

– Creating Connections:

The use of social media websites in business is not only limited to the increasing sales, but the more important thing is making individual’s connections with the people, brands and organizations around the world. People who failed to understand how important it is, struggled through their initial and the most important part in the development of their organization. The more connections you make, the more you build your repute in the community of people. With this, social media enables you to enhance your relations with people. This guarantees your long-term value in the customers and reputation that sales cannot.

– Increasing Exposure:

By putting your name out in front using the social media websites, you are actually exposing your company in front of the people. This gives you a chance to actually exhibit your brand to the people and customers. This is considered to be a positive effort while enhancing the business. Sales, here as well, can’t guarantee you the publicity of the brand to new people or individuals, which social media websites definitely do.

– Developing Partnerships:

In the competition, everyone tries to get more sales so that they can be on the top. They neglect the fact that they need to expand their business. Doing partnerships with other brands and organization helps you to expand your business. In this way, you can increase your worth and popularity while selling your products. This can be only done with the social media websites.

– Enhancing SEO:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays an important role in publishing your organization. Working as an individual makes you get searched by your web page only. On contrary to that, if you have your links and publishing on the social media website, you will get searched by those websites as well. The more you get searched, the more you drive traffic to your website and hence you get more views and more customers likewise.

– Fostering Leads:

When you develop an organization, you have to enhance and furnish it with new ideas and upcoming thoughts. The benefits stated above gives you a broader view about making your organization’s value and reputation in the community of the people. New ideas should be worked on and people and most importantly, customers’ opinions should be kept in mind. This helps to make you popular and earn a well-respected value in the community of people.

Bottom Line:

The main purpose of discussing the benefits mentioned above is to give you a clear view of the running market and give you an idea of new inventions. You should never be discouraged if you don’t able to make a lot of sales in the beginning, after sometime, it will gradually increase. Try to focus on the above mentioned facts so that you might increase your business in an efficient way.

Chrome Now The Most Popular Browser


Independent web analytics firm StatCounter confirms milestone as Chrome overtakes IE globally for first calendar month. People use IE at work, and Chrome at home as you can see from the 2 day distortions every 5 days on their website.

For the full month of May according to StatCounter data from over 15 billion page views, Chrome took 32.43% of the worldwide market compared to 32.12% for IE and 25.55% for Firefox.


Why You Should Not Use “Click Here” For Links

Click Here

Using “Click Here” on a link can affect how users experience your interface.

“Click” Puts Too Much Focus on Mouse Mechanics

Using the word “click” on your links takes the user’s attention away from your interface and on to their mouse. Users know what a link is and how to use a mouse. It’s unnecessary to call attention to the mechanics when clicking a link. Doing so diminishes their experience of your interface because it momentarily takes their focus away from it. Instead of focusing on the interface and its content, “click here” diverts their attention to the user and their mouse. Not to mention, you can also make them feel dumb by suggesting that they don’t know what a link is or how to use a mouse.

Instead of using the word “click”, look for a different verb you can use that relates to the user’s task. There’s always a better and more relevant verb to use than “click”. “Click” makes users think of their mouse. But a task-related verb makes users think of their task. It keeps users engaged with the content and focused on using the interface, not their mouse.

“Here” Conceals What Users are Clicking

Some links don’t use the word “click”, but instead they use the word “here”. The problem with using “here” in a link is that it conceals what the user is clicking. You may have text around the link that explains what they’re clicking, but when users read the link itself they won’t have a clue. This means that users have to read the text all around the link to understand the context of the link. This impedes users from taking the quick and short route of clicking the link directly because they have to read the surrounding text first. If there’s a lot of text, this could slow users down a lot.

Not only that, but If you have multiple links that say “here”, “here” and “here”. the user is going to have trouble differentiating between each link. The user has to open each of them to see how they’re different. If they want to refer back to a particular source, they have to remember which “here” link it belongs to. This forces them to have to use recall over simple recognition. What you should do instead is label your links with something that describes what the user is clicking so that it makes different links easier to distinguish.

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The new, larger version of the Internet: IPv6

The next version of the Internet begins rolling out today.

The problem is that the current Internet addressing system, IPv4, only has room for about 4 billion addresses. The internet needs more IP addresses. IPv6 is the new version of the Internet Protocol and expands the number of available addresses to a virtually limitless amount–340 trillion trillion trillion addresses.

Check Username Availability at Multiple Social Networking Sites


Check to see if your desired username or vanity url is still available at dozens of popular Social Networking and Social Bookmarking websites. Promote your brand consistently by registering a username that is still available on the majority of the most popular sites.

5 Free Tools To Look For Username Availability On Multiple Social Networks: