OMA Comp and Lenovo are now Business Partners!

OMA Comp is proud to announce that they’ve recently been recognized by tech giant Lenovo as a Business Partner. “In recognition of your continued commitment to excellence in delivering Lenovo solutions” was written in a notice sent out by North America Channel Chief Chris Frey. Thank you for the kind words Chris, and as long as Lenovo keeps churning out quality computer equipment this partnership will continue indefinitely.

For more information on the Lenovo Partner Network visit



There has been a continuing phone scam and innocent victims are still falling prey. Callers claiming to be from the IRS will call and demand money. The callers  scare you into sharing personal information over the phone, something the IRS does not do. If you receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from the IRS, click here for instructions from the IRS.

OMA Comp at TechTown for SEO Seminar!

Oma Comp at TechTown, Detroit joining leaders in the social media industry concerning the latest, most advanced trends in this rapidly changing arena to educate, enhance services and ensure that OMA Comp is continuing to provide cutting-edge social media and optimization services remaining the forerunners in the field.

See for yourself what we’ve done for our clients. See what we can do for you.

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Congratulations to Marcia’s Munchies on Winning Our Website Makeover Contest!

Marcia's MunchiesOMA Comp’s Website Makeover Contest was a great success with many submissions. We are proud to add Marcia’s Munchies to the OMA family with an all-new website, courtesy of OMA Comp. Holding onto a principle of “Elegant Snacking”, founder Marcia Nodel has grown her company into a gourmet snack supplier with offerings that include: caramel popcorn, pickles and jams. For information on how to order and where to find Marcia and her elegant snacks visit

“We can’t thank you enough for the beautiful job your team did on my company’s website. We are so excited about it! Throughout the process, the team at OMA Comp was incredibly respectful, listened carefully to our needs and executed with complete professionalism.” Read full testimonial.

What to Watch out for while Making Content Changes to Your Website

OMA Comp can hep you tackle the web with our expert web design and social media marketing tactics!WordPress for website designs allows businesses much easier access to change content with a click of a button. Keep in mind some very common problems that we have seen with this advantageous tool.

  • Unintentional hacking to the responsive designs destroying the functionality for tablets and cell phone devices
  • Breaking links
  • Accidental changes to URLs and installing incompatible plug-ins
  • Altering beneficial indexing by Google

What You Can Do to Keep Your SEO Relevant

SEO RelevanceSocial Media is a long term commitment, challenge and responsibility for your company to stay relevant on the web and maintain its potency to attract customers. Your site must be carefully managed and monitored for visitors in order to maintain and increase your visibility. You must keep abreast of the shifts and technological trends that are swiftly changing for both your website and SEO for your organization to be effective and show the presence it needs.


  • Change and add relevant information to your website on a regular basis
  • Add pages and features to your website
  • Provide valuable content -What questions will your customers or potential customers ask?
  • Be visible on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, YouTube, and LinkedIn
  • Add pertinent content with newsletters and blogs
  • Be creative in your content to induce a deeper connection
  • Reach out and encourage reader feedback
  • Share significant information on your other forms of social media

Karol Wojtyla Hamtramck Pope Park Committee


A worthy cause for a more than worthy man. Recently OMA Comp took on the web design and SEO responsibilities for the Karol Wojtyla Hamtramck Pope Park Committee. With a goal of updating the park with new facades and greenery, it will bring the park back to its former glory. The challenge now is to find sufficient funding to pay for the various renovations, which may include:

  • Replacing the old pavers with updated personalized pavers.
  • Removing the fence with a series of trees, allowing the park to be more accessible and open to the public.
  • Planting two towering trees which will provide a focal point and adding natural beauty to the Pope’s statue.

With the help of the new website and OMA Comp’s social media strategy, there will be improved opportunity to meet the goals set by the committee so that the enhancements to the park can be started sooner. The renovated park is not only timely with the recent news of the Pope’s sainthood but is much needed for the city of Hamtramck. There really is no better time than now! For more information, or to donate to the committee, please visit

Complete Summer Makeover

OMA Comp SEOThere is still time before summer to give your website an all new look and assess your search engine optimization (SEO) for on-line reputation, ranking and visibility to increase your views maximizing your social media potential. Websites become a stagnate source of information making regular website makeovers necessary to keep relevant. Google and other search engines track these changes and keyword density so that new content increases your company’s chances to organically appear on the first page competing with companies that pay for these coveted spots for this positioning. With years of experience, OMA Comp has the solution of how to reach your current and future company goals through the internet journey.

Your website is also often your first impression to your customers. OMA Comp creates professional designs with intuitive navigation to communicate properly with your existing and potential customers.

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Windows XP Puts Your Personal and Business Computer at Risk

Since Microsoft has dropped support, internet prowlers have an easier time hijacking and infecting Windows XP computers. What does this mean to you? An increased potential of identity theft, Windows-XP-Deadline-300x158diminished productivity, and permanent loss of files; for example: pictures, homework, documents. When your computer is compromised, the cost of clean-up is a headache, expensive and very time consuming. Be proactive and upgrade your operating system or replace your computer altogether and save yourself money, enhance your productivity and award yourself peace of mind. Read More

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