Derek Paprzycki 10 Year Anniversary at OMA Comp

Derek Paprzycki OMA Comp 10 Year Anniversary

OMA Comp has been privileged to have Derek Paprzycki as part of our team. As we celebrate his OMA Comp 10 year anniversary, we want to make mention of his many achievements. Derek is an outstanding employee and role model. He is a great friend, leader, and creator. Derek has contributed and continues to be an integral part to OMA Comp’s growth and success. In 2014, Derek won the highest OMA Comp recognition award, Employee of the Year. OMA Comp wants to publicly thank Derek and his family for his 10 years of service and we look forward to many more years as part of the OMA Comp crew.

Computer Hackers Punishment or Rehabilitation?

Computer Hacking Rehabilitation

What should the United States do with non-violent criminals such as computer hackers?

As our prison population grows out of control, an ongoing problem that the U.S. criminal justice system increasingly deals with is what to do with cyber criminals. Does punishment or rehabilitation work better when looking at cost, resources and benefits for society? We need to look at our system and others outside the United States to see benefits, drawbacks and to measure success. Read about how the Finnish court handles computer hacking sentencing.

NASA New Horizons Pluto Fly By Is a Big Deal

Technological advancements have allowed us to learn more about Pluto and flare up the debate of its Dwarf Planet status or not. As the Pluto Fly By approaches, increasing data will be collected and gathered. Countless hours of analyzing this new information will be studied as scientists discover more about our world and solar system.


Security Cameras for Your Home and Business

security camera

Most can now afford motion sensors and security cameras to watch over your business, house, children and pets from any location. Installed security cameras award peace of mind and are easy to use. Contact OMA Comp to learn about the options available and what will work best for your needs.

Conversion Rate Optimization


Conversion Rate Optimization is not just the new buzz phrase but the goal that all businesses want from their website. A well built, mobile friendly website with proper landing pages aids in improving your conversion rate. OMA Comp builds all websites to ensure that the website will have the tools and initial optimization needed to meet search engine requirements including Googles landing page quality score so your business will have the opportunity for the best performance. Contact OMA Comp and we can take a look at your current website to see if you are meeting the prerequisites to reach conversion rate optimization highest potential.

U.S. Costly Computer Troubles

computer danger sign

Technical glitches have again affected millions of Americans today. Computer failures halted the New York Stock Exchange for nearly 4 hours and temporarily grounded United Airlines planes. As our livelihood has become increasingly dependent on computer systems, it is important to partner with an IT company to make sure your systems are up-to-date, running efficiently and to help decrease your potential risk. OMA Comp prides itself on providing the highest protection available as well as prompt service when an unavoidable problem does arise to get your business up and running as soon as possible with minimum delay.