OMA-Comp-Stress-Reduce-Social-PostClients continually report to us that emails add to their stress level more than they benefit their organization. As a New Year’s resolution reduce unneeded stress from emails and add coveted time to your day.


  1. Review all of your incoming emails

Every morning we wake up and start the day loaded with 5-10-40 emails. We start receiving unnecessary emails from folks that acquire our email address through all kinds of sources from purchases, signing up for updates, belonging to various organizations, etc.

  1. Assess your emails

Decide which of these emails are needed and which are unnecessarily filling up your inbox taking up your time and attention away from more productive work.

  1. Delete emails

If you receive a non-important email but need to continue receiving emails from this source, delete the email so that it doesn’t bog down your inbox inducing your stress level.

  1. Unsubscribe

Remove yourself from email campaigns that are no longer of value to you.

  1. Mark as spam

If you receive junk emails or unsolicited bulk emails, mark as spam to remove the clutter from your inbox.

  1. Block sender

If the spam continues from the email source, block the sender.

  1. Add a spam filter

OMA Comp can assist you by adding or reconfiguring a spam filter to best accommodate your organization. OMA Comp is able to reduce anywhere from 4 to 10 unwanted emails per day by using filters. Contact OMA Comp at or 248-616-3057 for more information.

Chris “Lights Out” Lytle for OMA Comp


OMA Comp appreciates the kind words of Chris “Lights Out” Lytle in his video testimonial which can be seen here.

Hailing from Indianapolis, Indiana, Chris was on the wrestling team in high school and began fight training in 1998 to give him something to quote “keep active” outside of his full-time job as an Indianapolis firefighter. His efforts proved worthy as he was a finalist on the hit Spike TV show “The Ultimate Fighter” in 2006, and in that same year nabbing the World Welterweight Championship while competing in London, England.

Only a man with such drive and determination can achieve all that Lytle has in his successful MMA career while at the same time serving and giving back to his local community.

Chris has chosen to retire from the ring while at the top of his game to dedicate more time to his wife and four children. Chris continues his mission to help the community by raising awareness and preventing kids from being bullied. Redemption Martial Arts and Light Out on Bullying are Chris Lytle’s anti-bullying organizations. Chris has written a book aimed at teaching the prevention of bullying in the local Indianapolis area and beyond. Lytle travels and speaks at schools and events promoting the importance of standing up to bullies and sharing tools to use in the event of being bullied. Lytle sells merchandise whose proceeds go to anti-bullying organizations fighting for the same. Chris hopes to rally others like himself to spread awareness and to help more children.

Again, thank you Chris for the kind words. OMA Comp supports your efforts 100%! For more information on Chris Lytle and his fighting record, you can see his Sherdog record here and be sure and checkout his commendable efforts in promoting anti-bullying.

Happy Halloween from OMA Comp!


From everyone at OMA Comp, have a safe and fun Halloween weekend!

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OMA Comp Are Proud to Donate Towards the Efforts of the Hamtramck Pope Park Project


OMA Comp are proud to announce we’ve donated to The purpose of this worthy cause is to gain funds needed to renovate and rejuvenate Pope Park – a historical landmark in the city of Hamtramck that was erected after the Popes visit to the city in 1987. Over the years the park, located on the corner of Joseph Campau and Belmont, has turned into a cause worthy of a proper cleanup, renovation and all-around update to help both the park and it’s surrounding areas. The Karol Wojtyla Hamtramck Park Committee, the group behind this endeavor, has raised about 45% of it’s proposed budget needed to complete the plan made for the park. To help the committee reach their goals, please donate today at and you’ll help the park’s plans come to fruition.