Responsive Design Allows Your Website to Fit All Screens

When it comes to your website, a responsive design means that no matter what size screen your visitors happen to be using, the design will respond to it and size the view to include the entire page. In simpler terms this simply means that the design takes note of the width and height of your screen or more accurately the size of the viewable area within the web browser being used. It then adjusts the layout of the website. This is done to ensure that the viewer can see everything you, as the site owner, want them to see.


Going Mobile

One of the best possible examples of responsive design is the current trend towards the use of mobile devices. For many years all website design focused heavily on accommodating desktop computer screens. As the trend towards mobile devices has led to ever shrinking screen sizes the need for websites to take this into account has increased. Today more people are surfing the web using smartphones, tablets, and laptops. If your website is not optimized to take all of these different devices into account you will lose the opportunity to take advantage of a rapidly growing number of clients.

Responsive, Liquid, and Fixed Layouts

In the early days of the Internet websites made use of liquid layouts. These web pages were designed to flex in order to fit the size of the screen. In most cases this meant stretching the width of the page to fit the screen. While this type of design is still in use today, it has never truly gained in popularity in comparison to the fixed layout in use on many websites today. The liquid layout has become very popular for use on mobile devices as it lets the web page adapt to the size of the screen. However, this does not allow it to adapt fully to the size of a desktop or laptop screen. This is where responsive design comes into play as it allows the website to adapt to the screen or more accurately the browser. This ensures that no matter what your visitor is using they will be able to see your web pages clearly and be able to easily navigate their way around.


OMA Comp has full responsive capabilities with their website development branch. If you’re interested in bringing your website into the “now” rather than leaving it in the “then”, call us today and we’ll set you up with everything you need. If you can think it, we can do it. 248-616-3057

Building Strong B2B/B2C Relations – OMA Comp

OMA-Comp-Business-Relations-ExpertsAs an entrepreneur you deal with both retail and business customers, and you have to take a different approach to how you deal with both sides of your business. No matter which type of customer you happen to be dealing with, it is vital to the success of your business that you succeed in building strong B2B/B2C relations. At the same time you must realize that you are dealing with two completely different types of customers, each of which has a different method of shopping.
Looking at the Business Side of Things
When looking at the business side of B2B/B2C relations, it is important that you understand how the business customer conducts their shopping. The average business customer tends to be extremely savvy with regard to what they are buying. They spend countless hours researching any major purchase and comparison shopping. The web copy for the business customer needs to have a certain level of sophistication based on this assumption. It is safe to assume that these buyers already know a great deal about the products you have for sale and are more interested in being shown that you have the exact item they need.

From the Consumer’s Point of View
On the other hand the average consumer tends to be less informed and is more likely to buy on impulse. They are far more interested in finding the best price rather than the item with the best specifications. Looking at this aspect of B2B/B2C relations, it is very important for your website design to instill a sense of trust in your customers. Your website content not only needs to be SEO optimized, but also has to be worded in such a way as to let your customers know that you are the experts with regard to your products. These are the steps you must take in order to be successful when running an online business.

Malware On The ISS? More than Once Apparently. – OMA Comp

OMA-Comp-ISS-Malware-Story-11-14-2013According to security experts, it seems that a Russian astronaut mistakenly brought a virus onto the ISS recently, causing a breach in it’s security. How many times has this happened? According to Security Expert Eugene Kaspersky, a lot. A study also showed that a joint venture between American and Israeli forced helped create a virus to damage Iran’s nuclear agenda. This virus not only did it’s job, but is still doing it – there have been millions of infections all over the world.  Let’s hope they learn to scan those drives before taking them into space next time.

Do you think you need an update of your malware protection plan?

OMA Comp can get you set up in no time, leaving you anxious-free and confident in your systems’ security.

Ransomware and What To Watch Out For – OMA Comp

OMA-Comp-Blog-Post-11-13-2013With the ever-intense shopping season right around the corner, it’s also the perfect time for hackers and cyber-thieves to hunt, and now lock you out of for your sensitive information that cost you hundreds in repair/retrieval. The latest thing to wreak havoc across the internet is a form of malware known as ransomware- yes, you read that right. Sweeping helpless consumers across the world the last couple of weeks, Black Friday could be a potential goldmine for these wrong-doers.

A rather new form of malware, ransomware typically arrives in the form of an email made to look like something legitimate using social engineering, causing the user to think it’s a trustworthy message. There is a zip file attached where the user then opens it, allowing the encryption software to run on their computer. Before you even know what you’ve obliviously initiated, it’s far too late. Your computer brings up a lock-out screen telling you have a certain amount of time to pay a fee or you will lose you data. Reports are stating that prices are falling anywhere between $300 and $2000. Only after you pay the fee will you get your files back, but some reports claim that even then you’ll be out of luck. If it came down to this the only savior in such an event would to have a backup somewhere, but many users don’t use any form of backup whatsoever.

Anti-Virus companies try their hardest at keeping up with the newest tactics and devices as to update their software as often as possible, but sometimes it’s just not enough. You need to keep your malware software up to date as to have the latest version, keeping the latest and most dangerous viruses at bay. Telling the difference between a legitimate email and a fake one is becoming increasingly difficult as well, so it’s important you leave any messages you don’t know about alone and leave it to the Anti-virus and Anti-Mal ware software to clear out.

OMA Comp uses only the best software and hardware when it comes to protecting your computer and your files. Daily backups and a proper security setup are the best protection against such an event, so be sure you’re in good shape for a day’s worth of online shopping. The last thing you would want to happen is to open that email thinking it was from a major department store, only to find out it was fake with a digital ransom minutes later. Are you thinking of something you’d like done to your system to better prepare yourself? OMA Comp can do it all so call today!

MMS Marketing & The Future of Text Message Advertising- OMA Comp

I-Phone-OMA-Comp-MMS-Marketing-AdvertisingA few major corporations have started to believe that something as simple as a text message could become the best source of advertisement. In fact, ABC, Fox, and CBS have developed and enacted advertisements via MMS messaging, which greatly expanded the amount of people that can be accessed at a time.
In Chicago, thanks to a $3 million sponsoring fee from numerous local firms, Iris Mobile was created, to help increase the amount of promotional campaigns and secure customer support. One of the founders of the company, Deep Malik, claims that thanks to this company, companies can text any phone. He claims texting is the best way to expand customer base because they’ll check their texts, whereas emails can easily be placed under spam and ignored. Other parts of various firms are developing the same idea because they too, see the potential in this.

In the past couple years, the amount of MMS messages sent has exponentially increased. For example, in 2012, nearly three quarters of a billion messages were sent. Although this way of advertising has been rising quite slowly, it is predicted that it will be subjected to change in the near future. In May 2013, it was found that only 38% of 745 marketers have used this way to advertise. However, when used in 2010, it was found that 98% of these texts were opened.

Some companies like Starbucks used a program that hacked MMS messages to determine each person’s type of phone and whether they should continue sending them advertisements or not. Although the message only had an image to capture the attention using visual media to spread the word of Happy Hour, it achieved more than expected. The successful use of MMS, however, was claimed to have been not as efficient as that of SMS, because for SMS one could track location to determine consumer density.

The MMS messaging tactic is an expanding idea, and it could be a great source of advertisement; just depends on the firm.

Facebook Acquires Online Utility App Company Onavo

Onavo-Facebook-LogoAnnounced just yesterday, it’s making tech headlines around the web as Facebook steps into the analytics game with recent purchase of Onavo, the application powerhouse that turns your data plan into a real-time numbers game. Giving you in-depth data regarding your phone’s data caps and holes, it’s a question of what Facebook is planning to do with this asset. Onavo wrapped everything up in a nice minimalistic interface for you to consume and cross-analyze, essentially making it the app’s app for showing you how you’re doing on the web, and what you can change to be even better. Sounds like Facebook might be adding a new branch of services to their brand, and with Onavo’s Tel-Aviv offices transforming into Facebook’s new Israeli office, it could be rolling out sooner than think.

YouTube revamps commenting process for the better? We shall see.

YT-Comments-graphicRecently video hosting giant YouTube has brought forth a new kind of monitoring system people can use to screen comments on their videos. The system, which was debuted to a key number of users on Tuesday, teams up with a user’s Google+ account to better filter comments based on relevancy and value according to the user and the video. A similar method that Facebook has with it’s commenting process, it allows a user to tailor how their video feed looks, and thus how it is portrayed in the world. No more spam, no more profanity. It’d be nice to see, right? We’ll have to wait and see how it plays out for Google in the long run. In the mean time, we can allow comments on our videos an see how it goes.

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Amp Up Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

OMA-Comp-Social-Media-MarketingSocial Marketing is a cost effective method to advertise your business and routinely stay in touch with customers or clients outside of the standard points of contact. There are a few key points that need to be cared for and taken advantage of to make social media marketing work for your business.
Search Engine Results

The best way to begin marketing using social media is to gain ranking in search engine results. In a perfect world, when a potential customer or client types in any combination of key words to search for your type of business in your area, your website will be the top result that shows up in the search engine. Next, let’s say your social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter are loaded with content that is updated frequently. Not only will you have your website show up on a search engine as a top result but now your social media websites will show up as top results as well. By keeping social media websites updated often, it allows for the business to create dominance on search engine results.
Social Media as Two Way Communication
Using social media allows clients and customers to stay up to date on current productions, trends and sales specials going on with your business. It allows people to communicate directly with the business by asking questions about products or promotions. It is important to view social media sites multiple times throughout the day to keep the lines of communication open to avoid delays in responding to questions.

Last But Not Least…Gain Followers
An effective way to gain followers to your social media websites is to leave a laptop or tablet at the front desk. Ask customers to log into frequently used social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter and ask them to “follow” or “like” your social media pages. You will find that the majority of your customers will happily do so as it will allow them to connect with your business much easier. Ultimately, your connections to people will grow very quickly as your social media marketing will ultimately drive more traffic to your business.

Pinterest and It’s Gain in Popularity

pinterest_badge_redPinterest is gaining speed on the train of social media very recently behind Facebook and Twitter. Starting in 2009, Pinterest is a website that allows users to share photos on “Pinboards.” Users can organize their photos based on themes they choose such as food, clothing, home decor, etc.

With the know-how, Pinterest can be an extremely useful and profitable marketing tool for businesses as a lot of referral traffic can be obtained through the site.

Why Pinterest Is So Appealing

People are visual-based creatures and they like to see beautiful photos that catch their interest. People are more likely to post photos of things that strike their interest and will share these images with their friends via their individual Pinboards. The trick to effectively use Pinterest for marketing is to share captivating photos and allow users to share the photos.

At this point, you may be wondering how Pinterest will drive referrals and traffic to your business. Each photo is a link to the source of the image — i.e. to the business website thus leading potential customers directly to the site to gain more information.

Professional & High Quality Photos Are Important

The quality of your photo can make or break driving traffic to your website. If you are posting photos that are of low quality with poor lighting, most Pinterest users will pass over your photo. Using only high quality photos is vital to capturing customers. The image should appear professional with each space shown clean and organized. The size of the image is also important because the image needs to be easily accessable by potential customers. Keep the resolution of the photo around 800 x 1000 pixels.

Build Pinboards For Your Business and Keep Customers Coming Back

If your business is selling a product, there is no excuse for you not to create a Pinterest page with Pinboards to assist with selling your products. The first step is to create an attractive account with attractive pin boards. This could take some time but it will be well worth it in the end once you notice an increase in customers. Keep in mind that people tend to be more inclined to follow an individual versus a business as an individual tends to be more believable unless the brand is well-known. Create your Pinterest board under your own name to increase your followers.
As you gain followers, you can create Pinboards that are in relation to your product or idea. For example, if you are selling skincare products, then you should create Pinboards with titles “DIY Skincare,” “Moisturizers” or “Healthy Skin Diets.” You can then pin images back to your website that are related to these ideas.
With millions of users on Pinterest daily, gaining new customers is quite easy. Keep in mind that people are on Pinterest to discover and learn new things so take advantage of this and make this wonderful marketing tool work for your business.