Computer Vision Syndrome – Part 1

OMA-Comp-Computer-Vision-SyndromeThe average American spends practically every waking hour on some kind of electronic device, whether it be the computer, television, smartphone or reading tablet, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation. And the study goes on to show that screen time is continually on the increase. With that much time spent on the electronic screen, and the eyes being a crucial part of the interaction, how does it affect eye health? Not too well, judging by reports from eye doctors. Too much screen time can generate a condition known as Computer Vision Syndrome.

What is Computer Vision Syndrome?

Too much time spends on the computer or any electronic screen may generate a cluster of vision-related problems that results from eyestrain. Focusing on a virtual screen with pixels instead of actual objects made the eyes work harder to focus, thereby straining eye muscles. Research reveals that 50% to 90% of computer users report at least some symptoms of vision problems.

What are the Symptoms?

Staring for long periods of time at a screen may result in headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes, neck and shoulder strain and eye discomfort. Although these symptoms are not life-threatening, continued prolonged computer use may generate other eye complications such as increased difficulty seeing and focusing. In addition, it may worsen existing eye conditions such as farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia.

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Brands That Use Instagram Effectively


OMA-Comp-Instagram-BlogThese days Instagram can help with selling and advertising a lot of a company’s products through immediate interaction with their audience (similar to that of Twitter). Companies like McDonalds, MTV, Gucci, and Starbucks realized that with putting their items out on the internet they will be able to get more people to look at their stuff – gaining them some visual appeal. They want to get the products out there and show their customer what they have in store for them. This is good information for companies that are just starting up it could improve your overall business profit if used correctly.

How Technology Changed the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics

OMAComp-Olympic-Technology-1New technologies have been developed and utilized for the events and participants of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

Ironically, even though these are Winter Olympics, Sochi has a relatively subtropical climate, where there isn’t a lot of snow. Snow making industries had to step into a new gear in snow production. Instead of put it straight on to the slopes, however, the snow is stored and applied when needed. In fact, about sixteen million cubic feet was stored for these Olympics. Also, a process called salting was applied to courses in order to keep the conditions fair. Salting is a when a chemical is put on the top layer of snow, which first melts it, but then freezes it.

Also, new gear has been developed for the Olympic competitors. This including the all new March 39 suit, produced with the partnership of Under Armour and Lockheed Martin. Using the input of dimples onto the suit allows the racer to travel much faster due to decrease in air resistance. Also, skiers have the opportunity to wear jackets containing the lightest waterproof zipper ever made. Not only has new technology been applied to jackets, but also to socks. Socks for hockey players were designed for calve and Achilles protection thanks to the use of copper and Kevlar.

Although Sochi has had its malfunctions, these new technologies are only few of many developed for the 2014 Winter Olympics. These new developments have only driven our home team to greater success overseas during the Olympics! Congratulations! #TeamUSA

Nothing Is More Important than Computer Security

OMA-Comp-Blog-Post-2-14-2014Any time that you connect your computer to the Internet you run the risk of being attacked by any number of viruses, Trojans, malware programs, or any one of many other attempts to hack into it. Whether you simply use your computer to surf the web or conduct most of your financial business on it, it is up to you to provide the right level of computer security to protect yourself and your personal information.

Know What You Are Trying to Do

The first step in computer security is to have a good idea of what you are trying to do. There is no real end to providing a secure environment for your computer and personal information. It is an ongoing task that must be kept up with on a regular basis as anything less will only result in your data being compromised. Part of this requires you to keep the software installed on your computer updated at all times. It also means keeping your operating system fully updated as many of the updates contain security patches intended to protect your computer.

Scanners, Security Programs and More

While keeping all of the software on your computer updated is a major step in keeping your database secure, there is more you must do. Adding a virus protection program to your computer or network is vital to ensuring its security. There are a number of free antivirus programs on the market, many of them automatically update their definitions on a daily basis.

These programs can be programmed to scan every file on your hard drives for viruses, Trojans, worms and many other forms of malware and then remove them. Most are also designed to help prevent malware from even accessing your computer in the first place. Installing this type of software needs to be your first line of defense in providing the highest possible level of security for your computer and all of the data and personal information you have stored on it.

OMA Comp Services and Pricing 2014


Here is our new  introductory client packet, which includes our services and pricing for 2014:


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The Future of Mobile Devices and What it Can Mean For You

smart-watch-graphicMobile devices have evolved from a simple cellular phone to a small mobile computer.  These devices are now so heavily integrated into our day to day lives many of us could not function without them.  We use them for shopping, for banking, paying our bills and even conducting business.  There are apps for games, watching TV and anything else you could imagine.  These devices already do so much so what is the future of mobile devices and what can it mean for you?

Wearable Devices

As devices continue to shrink it is possible that the handheld portion of the device will simple disappear.  Displays will be integrated with corrective lenses, glasses, earpieces or earrings will provide sound, and a virtual keyboard will be project from a watch.  Technology will become a part of our clothing that we wear every day.

Increased Processing Power

Mobile devices continue to grow in power and they are helping to remove the shackles from the PC.  But there is currently a limit to how much data can be presented on the small screens of mobile devices.  Artificial intelligence is needed to optimize the data that is being presented to make optimum use of the space available.  This artificial intelligence will come with a price and to truly benefit we will need to allow the device to gather information about us.  This valuable data will be something that marketers will want to get their hands on so the security risk will continue to get worse as mobile devices evolve.

Cloud Computing

An important part of mobile devices is cloud computing which offloads the storage of large amounts of data into cyberspace.  By reducing the storage requirements of the mobile devices it lets designer become more innovative in the products they design.  This also makes it easier for you to upgrade to the latest and greatest device.

What is the future of mobile devices and what can it mean for you?  It means wearable mobile devices, increased processing power and heavier use of cloud computing so that your mobile device will continue to be more and more integrated into your daily life. OMA Comp can help you set up a secure cloud computing system in your entire system – home, office, everywhere. We can also help you setup any device such as phones, watches and other wearable tech. Thinking about getting a new computer? OMA Comp can give you the most professional assessment in terms of what you need to do to optimize your workstation and computer equipment.

Making Your Computer Last as Long as Possible PART 2

OMA-Comp-Computer-Performance(Click here for Part 1)

Tip # 3 – Never Let your Computer Overheat

Airflow is your computer’s best friend.  Never place your computer in a closed cabinet or block air from circulating.  If your computer overheats it will first throttle back performance in order to save the life of the processor before it will finally cease to work.  Make sure that your computer has proper airflow and never overheats to make sure your computer lasts as long as possible.

Tip #4 – Keep your Computer Clean

Keeping your computer clean will help extend the life of your computer.  Cover your computer only when not being used and regularly dust it with a dusting spray.  This will reduce the stress on key components and help make your computer last as long as possible.

By following these four tips you can make sure your computer lasts as long as possible and protect one of your most valuable purchases.

Do you think you could benefit from some of these services/ features? Call 248-616-3057 today and we’ll get you on track to a better performing workstation in no time.

Making Your Computer Last as Long as Possible

OMA-Comp-Making-Your-Computer-LastYour PC is a valuable tool and you have invested a lot of money in getting the best one you can afford.  You want to make sure this valuable tool lasts as long as possible.  It is important to know how to make sure your computer lasts as long as possible and with the following tips you will.

Tip #1 – Set a Sleep Timer

One of the biggest drains on computer longevity is long periods of inactivity.  If you leave your computer and forget to come back and put it in sleep mode setting the sleep timer will suspend activities and reduce the wear on your computer.

Tip # 2 – Do not turn the computer on and off

There is no need to shut off your computer every time you are done using it.  Power cycling can actually drain computer life.  Instead of shutting off the computer just put it in sleep mode.  This suspends activity and will mean the computer is ready to go when you sit down again.

Part 2 coming soon

The Right Video Production Company Can Make All The Difference

OMA-Comp-Video-Production-Done-RightThe world is turning toward the Internet for everything from shopping to education and research. This relatively new form of “media” has changed the way in which we do business and the manner in which we reach out to them. In recent years the percentage of a company’s advertising budget allotted to video production has been increasing rapidly. For years the only form of video advertising was the television with millions of viewers each day. Today billions of people are turning to the web and services such as YouTube for a number of advertising videos, training videos, and entertainment.

Video Production Is a Complicated Affair

Part of the problem lies in the fact that video production can be a somewhat complicated affair. If you hire a company lacking in the necessary skills, the work they turn out may not be good enough to attract the right clientele if it attracts any at all. Just as the advertising on television must have a high level of polish as well as content, any that you have added to your website or included in sales emails or on sales landing pages must have the same level of quality.

Professionalism is Key

Quality is a word that has many different meanings to an equally large number of people. When it comes to your video production, you want a company who is going to provide you with a compelling and professional finished product. You simply cannot afford to have anything less. Your customers come to you looking for the best possible products or services. If your advertising appears to be of any lesser quality, they may not bother to follow up with visiting your website, let alone taking the initiative to invest in your products or services. Take the time to thoroughly vet the video production service to ensure you will receive the highest possible return on your investment.

Everything from script writing to teleprompter work, you can be well on your way to professional video production services by OMA Comp. Call today at 248-616-3057 or 248-867-0711 for your video production consultation.