Impact of Social Media on Presidential Elections

OMA Comp Impact of Social Media on Presidential Elections

Social media is influencing presidential campaign strategies.

Campaign managers are now looking at approaches on how to best use social media to gain attention and create positive spin for their candidate. Social media provides a public forum for everyone to chime in and influence opinions, increase followers, educate the public, motivate voters, intensify passion, and initiate conversation.

Although, at the moment it is Hillary Clinton v Donald Trump, there is a whole slew of candidates still in the race tactically looking at how to end up at the finish. Social media will continue to be a widely used approach for these candidates and a method to track public opinion, changing how political analysts, campaign managers and the media measure and report on their findings.

How Often Should a Business Redesign Their Website?


Current, responsive, optimized websites play a large and essential part in organically promoting your business online. Websites are no longer static, so regular updates, maintenance and redesign to keep current is now essential as the web evolves and technological advancements progress. Websites are now an on-going expense and it is necessary for businesses to allocate money for their website during the company’s yearly budget planning.

Is it time to actually launch a new website?

You should re-evaluate your website yearly. At minimum, tweaks are usually needed to bring your site up to speed. If your site is more than 2 to 3 years old, it is time to critically look at your site and seriously contemplate if your website is still working for your business. Investing in a site redesign is essential to take advantage of how the Internet currently works. If your website is not optimized for today’s web browsers, Google algorithms and current technology, you are missing out on reaching new business organically and increasing sales.

It is also time for a redesign if your site looks out of date (just like any fashion trend), takes more than 5 seconds to load, is difficult for users to interact or navigate, receives “404 not found” error messages, has broken links, missing images and if new services or products were slapped onto the old website just to make do.

Considerations for Your New Website

Below Are Important Elements in the Design Process for Overall User Experience

  • Rebuild with proper infrastructure, architecture and technologies
  • Provide a call to action
  • Convey current branding and message to promote your identity
  • Build to be responsive for all current computers, Google TV, Apple TV, Smartphones, tablets, and mobile devices
  • Stay social with a blog and other social media
  • Add a Shopping Cart
  • Employ design elements and trends for an up-to-date, fresh look
  • Write content to quickly draw in the reader
  • Include quality graphics, pictures and video
  • Create intuitive navigation for increased engagement
  • Index for SEO (search engine optimization) to improve organic growth

OMA Comp experts will answer questions about optimization, social media, reputation, website, computer or IT. Please keep your questions coming. We may choose your question to answer next month. Ask OMA Comp.

Why Do I Need an Online Company Newsletter?


Newsletters are an effective method to keep your customers engaged, build company branding, promote your business, increase organic optimization and strengthen sales. For most businesses, it is ideal to send a monthly or at minimum; quarterly newsletter. It is best practice for a company newsletter to be personal and information centered for your business with pictures and videos to provide interest and further emotionally connect the reader. Market your newsletter to your demographic audience and their needs to facilitate the growth of your business.

Strategic Tips:

  • Promote interest and connection with your clients through company videos, photos, testimonials, news, statistics, promotions, discounts and contests.
  • Encourage newsletter sign-up for new customers to increase reach and readership.
  • Stimulate your readers to share or provide feedback to engage them (and their friends) into conversation and encourage a further bond and emotional tie with your business.

We find that many of our customers, do not have the time or resources to develop their own newsletter which induces stress and frustration. OMA Comp is experienced in developing strategic company newsletters. Contact us at 248-616-3057 to learn how we can help your business.

Eskimo Jacks Is in the FINAL FOUR!

Eskimo Jacks Hatch Detroit Contest 2015

OMA Comp has the honor of helping our client Eskimo Jacks open up a location in downtown Detroit. Out of hundreds of applications, Eskimo Jacks has made it to the final four. Eskimo Jacks service and delectable products will greatly benefit the city. Please join us and help Eskimo Jacks attain their dream and vision by voting daily for this awesome business to win the Hatch Detroit contest to receive a $50,000 grant to open their downtown business. Josh and his team are more than worthy to earn this opportunity. Together we can make this happen and help our downtown gain a great business. To learn more about Eskimo Jacks, please see their website.