LARA Scam Alert

The Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs announced that there is a new scam attempting to collect $150.00 from corporations. Targets receive an official looking document from the “Division of Corporate Services” requiring corporations to fill out a “2015 Annual Minutes Form” and pay a $150.00 fee to be in compliance. Do not fill out or return this form. Corporations should only respond to correspondence that arrives direct from LARA. Read more

Undo Send Button


Many of us have sent an email inadvertently to the wrong person realizing only after clicking the send button. Or after a moment of thought regretted sending an email and realized too late it was not the best idea to send it but it was already in the recipient’s inbox.

Gmail is rolling out an undo send button to allow people a moment of pause before you can’t take it back. On Gmail’s webmail only, you will have the option of 5 to 30 seconds to retract a sent email. This is not without drawbacks; the undo send button will delay all of your messages from being received by the intended recipient which is not always convenient in this fast paced world.


An App Can Do That…..Create Your App Today

OMA-Comp-App-Services-ApplicationAn app not only can improve productivity at your place of work but can also be used to increase business by capitalizing on the impulse buyer. Computers automate business. Apps are the next generation which streamline, enhance and improve both your workforce capabilities and your customer purchasing.

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