Terms and Conditions


Client hereby retains OMA Comp and OMA Comp hereby agrees to provide the specific services agreed upon between client and OMA Comp.


OMA Comp terms shall commence on the agreed Effective Date and shall remain in effect until otherwise amended, unless sooner terminated as provided herein.

Website Design Fees

In consideration for the Services provided by OMA Comp to Client during the Term, Client agrees to pay OMA Comp 50% of the quoted fee as a deposit and the remaining balance upon completion. Any changes or additions after completion will be subject to an hourly rate of $80.

Website Design Refund Policy

Our refund policy covers 100% of the total price if the project is halted within 2 weeks, and 70% if it is halted within one month. Anything after that is non-refundable.


Client grants to OMA Comp the right to display Client’s logos, trademarks, trade names, service marks and copyrights as provided by Client solely for the purpose of fulfilling OMA Comp’s Services to Client, in the manner approved by Client, pursuant to this Agreement. OMA Comp agrees that it is not acquiring any rights, title, or interest in or to Client’s Marks. OMA Comp covenants and agrees that it will only use Client’s Marks in connection with the Services provided by OMA Comp and as otherwise approved by Client; in accordance with the terms of this Agreement and that all such use shall be in conformance with Client’s graphic standards for Client’s Marks. All forms of advertising and promotions using Client’s Marks are subject to the prior approval of Client, which shall not be unreasonably withheld or delayed. In no event shall OMA Comp use Client’s Marks in any manner which is detrimental to the goodwill and prestige associated with Client’s Marks. OMA Comp acknowledges that the right to use Client’s Marks is non-exclusive, non-assignable, and non-transferable. All uses of Client’s Marks shall inure solely to the benefit of Client with the sole responsibility for and against all claims relating to the approved use of Client’s Marks and associated intellectual property being maintained by Client. However, OMA Comp shall have the right during the term of this Agreement and after the termination or expiration of this Agreement to display, exhibit, and include materials created for the Client in OMA Comp’s portfolio of work, on its website, and in other marketing materials to promote its services and to share with current and future clients.

Scholarship Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

For any questions or inquires regarding your scholarship submission, please contact OMA Comp:

318 Woodlawn Avenue, Royal Oak, MI 48073-2615

Office: 248-616-3057

Fax: 248-232-0075