Repair Policies

Diagnosing Computer Problems:  Regardless what kind of problem you are experiencing with your laptop, you can trust OMA Comp to quickly find out what is wrong, fix it fast, warranty our work, and provide support from the day you pick it up. We specialize in desktop and laptop repair. When you bring your computer in to OMA Comp we need to know what your computer is not doing, as well as what you think the problem is. If the problem your computer is having is intermittent, we will need to know what is it you may be doing to cause the problem to occur. If your computer was dropped, or had liquid damage we will need to know this too.

Many problems are easy to diagnose, but we specialize in repairing the types of problems most companies that claim they do “computer repair” run from, or are usually not able to fix. These problems include : System board problems, power problems, wireless problems, Windows problems, and corrupt software. Even if some other computer store told you your laptop’s system board was bad, we can probably fix it, even if they can’t.

There may be no other company in the world that has repaired as many computers system boards as our staff during our 20 years we have been in business, and we continue to help more customers with their computer needs every day.

One of the most common problems we see, is damage caused by inexperienced technicians, other businesses that claim they do “computer repair” but have limited skill, or experience, or well intentioned friends attempting computer repairs.

Diagnostic Fee / Labor Rates :  OMA Comp charges a $40.00 minimum diagnostic fee for all computers left for repair and/or diagnostics. This fee is applied to labor if applicable. We do not and cannot guarantee we can fix any computer at any time, but our professionals are capable of repairing most problems, regardless how complicated. We specialize in desktop, laptop, power jack repair, and screen repairs. We also upgrade memory and install hard drives on all types of computers. Our services also include complete Windows/MacOS system installation and setup.

Limited Warranty: All Labor provided by OMA Comp is warrantied for 90 days from time of computer retrieval. Any attempt to repair or service any computer not authorized by the Management of OMA Comp will void any and all warranties. All parts used for repairs have a full 30 day warranty unless otherwise specified.