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Thank you Omacomp Corporation for your excellent choice of staff. All my friends and those I meet will hear about this caring company of service. May all of us know the value of responsible, accountable technical abilities and the dedication to doing great work.


Maciek Lyko, Spa Mariana

I have been working with OMACOMP for the past 8 years and they have been an amazing partner for all my computer needs. Designing/updating my web site, handling technical issues or brainstorming creative marketing ideas – they are top notch. I have developed professional relationships with all the team members and couldn’t be happier. A great group to work with.


Julie Silver Owner, Acupuncture Healthcare Associates of Michigan

I wanted to let you know that I appreciate all the work OMA Comp has done over the last couple of weeks. You all worked hard yesterday to get my server up and running and I appreciate your efforts! I have never worked with an IT company that is as talented as OMA Comp.

Eye Surgery

Michael Cosgrove, Eye Surgery Center of Michigan

When it comes to Web design and professionalism with online media, Omacomp is a Master of web construction and development. I highly recommend the experts at Omacomp to develop any and all of your necessary web operations.


Magdalena Srodek, Srodek’s Campau Quality Sausage, Co.

We have been working with Omacomp for many years and we can recommend them as a friendly and responsible company to work with. They work very hard and understand our unique needs.


Shaul Ben-Meir, President of Flute World Co.

Thank you for helping me out with my computer. You always go above and beyond and it is great doing business with you!


Ellen Chute

Orest is more than just a vendor, he’s a valued contributor to our team. We hired him to do web design, but what we received was a partner and expert. He has taken over as the “go-to” IT consultant in our Web 2.0 enterprises. Orest is simply invaluable to his clients.


Joe Gough

OMA Comp has provided IT support for my medical practice for nearly a decade. He is always available, he and his staff arrive promptly and resolve problems quickly, minimizing my downtime. Very knowledgeable!

William Goldstein

William Goldstein, 20/20 vision

OMA Comp has been an outstanding IT consulting firm for us bringing a wealth of knowledge and many years of experience to the industry. OMA Comp’s strong work ethic, quality support team, and innovative ideas have kept us on the leading edge of technology. OMA Comp also provides consulting on the latest technological advances in computer system investments at a competitive price. Their timely response in technical emergencies have kept us a loyal customer for many years and many more to come. Great Job OMA Comp!

Eye Surgery

Lori Richards, CASC Business Manager – Eye Surgery Center of Michigan LLC

OMA Comp has been a part of our business from the beginning and has continued to be an integral part of our day-to-day successes and growth. Their friendly and efficient service is 24/7 and they work endlessly to make sure the customer is completely satisfied. From web hosting to design to functionality, all the while making sure you know how your site is performing, they do it all and they make sure you are always in the-know. They are your go-to guys when it comes to all things technical and always show up with a “sure we can do that” attitude. Swift with a joke, quick with a fix, friendly, professional and always a pleasure to do business with.

Nicole Yoder

Nicole M. Yoder, Yoga Shelter

Thank you OMA Comp and Nick! We had a total network outage and Nick saved the day! You came in and identified the problem and fixed the issue.OMA Comp is responsive and gets the job done!.


James Berg

Dear Orest:
It is indeed a pleasure to take this opportunity to hail you and your staff for your due diligence, efficiency, and tenacity in accomplishing wonderful results with a very difficult experience with my new laptop.
This laptop is not only dear to me because it was a gift from our children, but it houses my book, “Good Night My Son, I Love You.” And, while I have backup, I was extremely concerned when it was invaded by a virus.

When my prior laptop encountered a challenge you shared that the challenges would be too costly to fix. Now you came out to my home to repair the virus expecting it to be a minor problem. You found it was very challenging and ultimately took all the data off and put it back on to accomplish the computer being, “good as new.”

I am sending emails to all my friends and business relationships about this experience. Not only did you continuously share that all would be retrieved, you went out of your way to help me in every direction. You honored all your promises and I can’t thank you enough for your honesty and integrity. This was an experience encountering an exceptional person in Orest. And, while I can’t recount the whole experience, words would not do it justice.

It was one of absolute determination to not only bring my computer back to normal, but make sure the book and all data was saved.
I am indeed appreciative of your customer commitment and of what you and your staff did for us and our sentimental gift from our children. It is a pleasure to refer you to everyone. Thank you for what you have done for those I have recently referred.
To you and yours staff:

Sue Serlin-Resnick

It is indeed a pleasure to complement all of you on your due diligence, friendliness, efficiency and warmth in working with Al and I for years. You have been wonderful. The quality of your work your quick evaluations of the challenges and your consideration of my book on Word has been noted and appreciated. All of you are worthy of an A+ rating. I share your caring with others on a regular basis. May all of you know great health, happiness and prosperity in every walk of life.
To Success Always

Sue Serlin-Resnick

Dear OmaComp:
I would like to compliment all of you on the professional service we have received from your company. We are a small business who relies on your expertise whenever there is a glitch in our computer systems, both at our office and at our home. Your response to our problems is always very fast, accurate and friendly! It is very much appreciated!

We have worked with Paul for a few years now and have been totally happy with his work and professional direction as to what our business needs to improve in the area of computer soft and hardware. He is very knowledgeable and friendly, definitely an asset to both your company and ours!

Kris and Scott Perz, Scott Perz Sales, L.L.C.

To Whom It May Concern
I would like to thank the OMA staff and especially Paul Zagaja for his attentive service to Psychological Systems, Inc. and to myself personally whenever we have computer issues. The service is prompt and we are always given helpful information on problems that arise. We look forward to your continued success in this field of work.

Judy Stimac, Office Manager

Paul did a great job coordinating our IT move from our old location to our new offices. Moving is tough and stressful for any company and with the assistance from Paul and the OMA Comp team, the transition went very smoothly. Much of the IT work was pre-planned and in place before we even moved. Due to this preparation, Feinberg Consulting was able to move on a Friday afternoon and finish up on Saturday with barely any downtime. The move was seamless. There was no disruption to our work flow at all. In fact, the week of our move, we had one of our highest numbers of reports out.

I much appreciated Paul’s flexibility with several delays and changes to our initial move date. He always had a smile and stated “no problem”. Working with the OMA Comp team during this transition, helped reduce the worry, strain and challenges of relocating. It was a relief to be able to count on OMA Comp.

Warm Regards,
Jackie Katz, Vice President of Operations

To Whom It May Concern,

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation on behalf of Orest Melnyk. I met Orest toward
The beginning of 2008 when we chose his company to create our program to improve our current word document system. Orest was referred to us by several sources in the medical community who we knew well and trusted. He also was very experienced and knowledgeable with HIPAA laws which are very important in our industry.

When designing our program, Orest listened to our company needs and translated those desires to a full functioning program that far exceeded our expectations. Using this program, we have reduced our costs and improved our time management. Our company has reduced office staff time spent on editing, reporting, invoicing, tracking and payroll. Our office staff now has quick access to needed reports and auto populated forms.

Our field care managers also experience easy access to our program via the web allowing them to streamline their processes in the field by entering information directly into the program during
client appointments eliminating paper waste, reducing reporting error and missed billing and decreasing the amount of paperwork they used to have to email to the office. The case managers have direct access to the client’s history and are able to access needed auto populated forms while in the field. The program has allowed the case managers to increase client billing hours by spending more time interacting with their clients and reducing their “office” time. When problems do arise, Orest and his team’s quick response time and fast resolution make working with OMAComp a pleasure.

Orest’s best attribute in designing our program that set him above the competition is that he knows what questions to ask to make sure he is covering our company’s needs. He hast he experience and knowledge to know what the program may need that we have not yet thought of and brings this information to the table. This vision not only made our program a great tool immediately upon implementation but continues to allow our company to improve quality and focus on growth by removing many of our old management duties.

Jackie Katz, Vice President of Operations

We are always pleased with the prompt response time & the flawless technical support we always get from OMA COMP!

And Paul Z. is always so pleasant and professional when he takes our calls!

Pattie Benoit, Karpus, Scott & Company, P.C.

I am so very thankful for Paul and I realize people probably complain more than they give praise so I hope this gets to someone that cares.

Paul keeps saving my butt and I truly appreciate his efforts and timely response to all of my “mostly annoying” requests. Although, I realize that I am a pain asking for so much, Paul never makes me feel like an inconvenience and somehow always finds time to take care of issues quickly. Everyone here appreciates how he finds time to stop by the office to pick up laptops. Most recently when he picked up a broken laptop, he remembered that I had left a hard drive there and neglected to pick it up for about 4 months… he remembered and he brought it to me. This may seem like a little thing… but this saved me a lot of time and it was appreciated.

We all appreciate him.
Genevieve Polakoff, Portfolio Manager
Accelerated Assets, LLC

Hi everyone at OMAComp.

Please know how much I appreciate paul. I have not had a better person to turn to for help. Paul is always there to help. He is ready and willing to answer the most basic computer questions with a smile on his face. I am not computer savy so having someone that I can turn too is invaluable. He is very knowledgeable and has gotten me out of some serious binds – crashed system, a computer hacker, locked email, the list is long.

As of late he helped with a new system and set me up with a new lap top. I did not know where to start. He knew exactly what I needed, ordered it, installed all the software and delivered it. I was up and running in no time and without any hiccups or worry.

I really appreciate having Paul around. He is someone that I can trust and that knows his craft. In this day and age if your computer is not working you are not working so having that go to person is the only answer. Paul is that guy.

Thank you!!!
Julie Thayer, Designer/Contractor/Realtor

I have worked with OmaComp for approximately 7 years. They are always very helpful whenever I call for technical support and always get us back and running very quickly! We recently did some remodeling in our office and Paul coordinated everything for me and spent several hours in the office getting us back up and running, including mounting and hanging a flat screen TV on the wall. I would recommend OmaComp to everyone. I don’t know what I would do without them!

MaryJo, Dr. Goldstein’s office

To whom it may concern,
I have known Paul for several years – he has helped us at home and at my business. Paul is friendly, dependable, very knowledgeable and takes the time to explain and answer questions and concerns. He is also very neat and detailed in his work to be sure he and the customer are satisfied with the end result. Paul is highly recommended.

Jay Vanderest

Our staff and several volunteer board members took the Social Media Boot Camp presented by OMA Comp and LOVED IT! Jackie, Orest, and Marcin were incredibly knowledgeable and thorough in the depth of subject matter. It has helped us begin to organize an effective and manageable social media plan for our organization. We highly recommend the presentation to businesses and non-profits alike.

Christine Gannon, Chairperson of BYA

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