Detroit’s Rising Tech Scene

Detroit InternetFor years, Detroit’s IT presence was driven by the auto industry. Within the last five years, though, the tech scene has moved well beyond the Big Three due in large part to an explosive growth in mobile and cloud technologies. When I came to the city six years ago, Detroit’s tech scene was insignificant compared to what it has become now. Today downtown is thriving with young, passionate developers who want to be a part of the revitalization of Detroit through IT. Over the last few years thousands of new tech jobs have been created or have moved into the city.

Whether it’s creating a better user experience or revolutionizing the media industry, these Detroiters are busy building a community of technology-based startups that is helping solve the city’s larger economic problems, bringing economic diversity to the city and turning Detroit into a tech hub.

Over the past two years, this revolution has been driven by the start of Compuware Ventures, Detroit Venture Partners, and Detroit Labs. Other companies such as Galaxe Solutions, Quicken Loans, and Atomic Object have recently moved downtown further energizing the city’s tech community.

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Caring For Your Computer

Here are some ways you can care for your computer:

i. Do not drop or bump your computer.-The case although strong may not support extra support on it.

ii. Always carry it in a carrying case while traveling.

iii. Magnetic fields can destroy data on your hard drive or diskettes so keep your computer and any kind of diskettes away from magnetic field.

iv. The data on the hard drive could be lost if you turn off your computer while the light on the hard drive is still on.

v. Keep your computer at a temperature that you are comfortable with or else the case may become very brittle or easy to break in cold conditions and can melt or wrap in warm conditions. Damages by extreme conditions are not repaired through warranty.

vi. Any sort of liquid accident can be very expensive and would not be covered under your warranty so keep liquids away from your computer. Dust and dirt can clog the internal mechanisms so avoid dusty and dirty work places.

vii. Keep your computer running at its best by setting up a regular maintenance schedule.

Why is it important to back up a file?

Backing up a file protects us from losing important information if the hard drive crashes or accidentally deletes files. This might be caused if the computer crashes or a virus infects the computer and start deleting files. Backing up files and removing them from your computer also provides space for new files. External hard drives or other high capacity backup devices can be used to do a complete hard drive back up.

Chrome Now The Most Popular Browser


Independent web analytics firm StatCounter confirms milestone as Chrome overtakes IE globally for first calendar month. People use IE at work, and Chrome at home as you can see from the 2 day distortions every 5 days on their website.

For the full month of May according to StatCounter data from over 15 billion page views, Chrome took 32.43% of the worldwide market compared to 32.12% for IE and 25.55% for Firefox.