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We thought this was a great time to repost our New Year’s Resolution Blog Post


 Clients continually report to us that emails add to their stress level more than they benefit their organization. Reduce unneeded stress from emails and add coveted time to your day.


Should I update to Microsoft’s Windows 10?

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Should I update to Microsoft’s Windows 10?

Unfortunately there is not one definite answer as each client has a unique scenario.

If you are in a business environment with custom written applications or older programs, my suggestions is to probably skip this upgrade and stick with your current operating system.  If you have a newer computer and new software, you may consider upgrading to Windows 10 to benefit from its extra features.

In its latest operating system Microsoft added Cortana, a personal digital assistant that works much like Apples Siri, although more advanced since it understands more commands and spans over the entire windows platform (Windows Phone, Windows Tablets, Windows Laptops, and Windows Desktops).  Microsoft is also bringing back the start menu which is now a hybrid of Windows 8 Live tile screen and Windows 7 start menu.

Anyone planning to upgrade to Windows 10 needs to know that this is a major upgrade and even though Microsoft has tested the procedure, on some occasions, things do go wrong and can even be catastrophic. Before attempting to perform this update, you must make certain that you have a good backup of your data.  For those who are not sure how to do this but wish to test the new features, you can call OMA Comp and one of our professional technicians will be happy to handle this upgrade for you.

Luke Paszkowski, OMA Comp

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Why Do I Need Google+?

Google Plus

Google+ is not a conventional social network. Google+ is a social network created by the leading search engine in the world.

Many businesses ignore Google+ and opt on using other social networks to build and retain their customer base. Do not make this mistake. Google+ has a huge impact on Google search results. As your business receives endorsements, Google awards you greater value which leads to a better ranking, improving your websites social and search relevancy.

You can get started by claiming your company name, establishing a Google+ account, creating your profile, and linking to your website, blog and other social media accounts to make certain you receive the highest value in your organic optimization efforts. Once you have your Google+ account established, encourage your target audience to endorse your content and leave a testimonial. If you need assistance, contact one of OMA Comp’s social media specialists.


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OMA Comp Golden Shoes

Not only did OMA Comp have the pleasure to design, optimize and implement the upcoming soccer movie Golden Shoes website and continue to serve as part of their marketing team but spent time on set interviewing  the actors in the film; Eric Roberts, John Rhys-Davies, David DeLuise, Vivica A. Fox, Dina Meyer, Christian Koza and Aedin Mincks. Read more…