Eskimo Jacks Is in the FINAL FOUR!

Eskimo Jacks Hatch Detroit Contest 2015

OMA Comp has the honor of helping our client Eskimo Jacks open up a location in downtown Detroit. Out of hundreds of applications, Eskimo Jacks has made it to the final four. Eskimo Jacks service and delectable products will greatly benefit the city. Please join us and help Eskimo Jacks attain their dream and vision by voting daily for this awesome business to win the Hatch Detroit contest to receive a $50,000 grant to open their downtown business. Josh and his team are more than worthy to earn this opportunity. Together we can make this happen and help our downtown gain a great business. To learn more about Eskimo Jacks, please see their website.


Facebook Now Offers Live Streaming Video but Not for You!

OMA Comp Facebook Facebook Now Offers Live Streaming Video but Not for You

Facebook’s Live Streaming Video feature is now offered up to the rich and famous. Celebrities have the ability to video live broadcasts and post to their News Feed. They will see comments in real-time on their stream and can designate the recording to be eternally offered for viewing to us less renowned common folk. If you follow the celebrity, you will see their live stream video right on your News Feed.

Are Smarter Phones Helpful or Invasive?

Are Smarter Phones Helpful or Invasive?

As Apple and Google’s capabilities have grown to anticipate what you’re going to do next and hence provide you choices and solutions at your fingertips, are your rights to privacy less or more important than the benefits of improved technology and ease of obtaining information? Is technology going too far and getting too creepy? Although, there is a promise that Google doesn’t share or sell information and you have the right and ability to turn tracking features off, trust and Big Brother issues creep into people’s thoughts. Can this information be penetrated by divorce attorneys, businesses and government to be used against you or track your whereabouts? The technological explosion adds serious questions to ethical debates and the answers are not always clear or easy.

Simplify Your Life Week

OMA Comp Computer Email Clutter

We thought this was a great time to repost our New Year’s Resolution Blog Post


 Clients continually report to us that emails add to their stress level more than they benefit their organization. Reduce unneeded stress from emails and add coveted time to your day.